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National Recovery Month: Recognizing Recovery in South Florida

Written by Shannon Beemer

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Updated 08/06/2021

National Recovery Month is celebrated every September. The recovery community joins as one to raise awareness and reduce stigma around addiction recovery.

In the recovery community, September is National Recovery Month, a time to celebrate the efforts made by those seeking a sober lifestyle through substance abuse treatment and drug addiction recovery. Recovery Month seeks to recognize all of those involved in the recovery journey, from those seeking treatment to substance abuse counselors to friends and family members offering recovery support.

The goal of recovery awareness month is to erase the shame and stigma often associated with drug addiction and to encourage ongoing connection during the recovery process. Through determination, substance abuse treatment resources, and recovery connections, Recovery Month highlights that recovery is possible and always an option.

Substance Abuse in South Florida

South Florida’s geography lends itself to numerous entry points for illicit drug activity in the state. Because of this, South Floridians have not only been subject to the prescription opioid crisis of the 2000s, but also to the circulation of cocaine, methamphetamines, and illicit opioids that are not always seen in other parts of the country.

Recent Florida overdose deaths indicate that a leading cause of drug overdoses is still due to opioid use, with a significant increase in fentanyl deaths reported. Further, preliminary CDC data for 2019 indicates that drug overdose rates are expected to climb 14% between 2018 and 2019.

These widespread substance abuse rates in South Florida demonstrate the need for a strong recovery community. Recovery Month is one way to recognize this community.

Faces & Voices of Recovery Celebrates National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month was created in 1989 and was sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for the next three decades. Recovery Month is now also supported by Faces and Voices of Recovery, an organization dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and recovery from addiction.

The Faces and Voices of Recovery organization hosts the Recovery Month website and online calendar of events, and encourages recovery supporters to add their own events to the Recovery Month schedule.

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Recovery Month Events Around South Florida

South Florida’s vibrant recovery community hosts a variety of recovery month events around the tri-county area. Recovery advocates can get involved and are encouraged to show their support in-person or online.

A few National Recovery Month activity ideas include: 

  • Attending an in-person or virtual recovery event. Check out the online event calendar from Faces and Voices of Recovery, or join one of the weekly events hosted by SAMHSA.
  • Hosting an online recovery meeting. The Recovery Village Baptist Health offers a place for hosting online recovery meetings that can be accessed at any time.
  • Offering to become a connection or sponsor for those in recovery. Those in recovery can reach out to their community during Recovery Month and offer to become a sponsor for someone seeking contact during the recovery process.
  • Expressing Recovery Support on Social Media. Simply posting positive recovery messages or sharing educational posts about recovery on your social media accounts can help raise awareness to the recovery movement.

South Florida Recovery Resources

The South Florida recovery community is still available and offering support for those in recovery or interested in beginning a recovery journey.

Below are a few local organizations for local recovery support: 

Recover Together with The Recovery Village at Baptist Health

At our South Florida recovery center, The Recovery Village at Baptist Health, we understand addiction recovery. Our compassionate, experienced staff of addiction medicine and mental health professionals are here to help you start your recovery journey and a life free from addiction. We can create a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs from drug and alcohol detox to inpatient or outpatient substance abuse treatment to ongoing outpatient support for your long-term sobriety and life in recovery.

If you or someone you know could benefit from help with behavioral disorders or drug rehab in Miami, Palm Beach or the South Florida community, contact us for more information regarding addiction treatment.

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