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Our Outpatient Facility in Miami

The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health offers comprehensive outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addictions and mental health conditions in a supportive environment. We know that outpatient services and aftercare planning are essential to long-lasting sobriety.

Levels of Care Offered in Miami

With our Miami facility centrally located in South Miami and close to other Baptist Health locations, the facility provides our existing patients with a smooth transition to further treatment and welcomes new patients who are interested in outpatient care for addiction or mental health concerns. Levels of care offered at our outpatient office include:

  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Primary Mental Health Outpatient Care
  • Dual Diagnosis for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Teletherapy for Addiction & Mental Health
  • Aftercare

Our Addiction Treatment Team

The medical and clinical teams at The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health help patients embrace whole-person wellness during the outpatient phase of addiction treatment and in ongoing mental health care.

David Sloan, LMHC, CAP

Clinical Director

Sarah Hawkins, M.Ed.

Executive Director

Where We’re Located

Our Location

The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health
8750 SW 144th St., Suite 207
Miami, FL 33143

What To Expect at Our Outpatient Office

Knowing what to expect during outpatient treatment can prepare clients for a positive experience at The Recovery Village Miami at Baptist Health.

For each client’s safety, the following items are not allowed at our facility: 

  • Drugs, alcohol or related paraphernalia
  • Products that contain alcohol, including hand sanitizer and mouthwash
  • Clothing that depicts drugs, drug-related paraphernalia or explicit images or language

Individual and Group Therapy Sessions

Medical support as needed

Mental health counseling for co-occurring disorders

A physical and mental health assessment upon arrival

Ready to start your recovery?

We’ll be here to answer any questions, verify any insurance benefits and book personalized treatment that works for you. 

Read Our Reviews

George Saint L.
I have always found staff to be professional and attentive to my clients
Gordon K.
I attended this facility an at first was sceptical but the longer I stayed the more I learned about myself an the more tools I learned an how an when to use them. Jojo who does EMDR there is phenomenal he help me find a inner peace I never knew I had. An create a future to bring a sense of humility. The staff members Mrs Tisa, Mrs cherish. All the bht's. The therapist are great. Give yourself a chance I'm glad I did. And a big shout out to Jimmy for keeping it entertaining n like life can n will be fun!
It's an out of touch conglomerate.
Neldie Q.
Amazing place to recover from alcohol or Drugs. The staff is large. The Doctors and Nurses are very compassionate at all times. The facility is very clean with nice rooms. Very comfortable. I highly recommend to take EMDR with DOCTOR Jojo because she is a true healer going deep into your brain. She heal me with my grieving process. Here at Recovery Village you will feel at home while you learn to cope with any alcoholism or Drugs abuse. I highly recommend it.
Good day, I'm a patient for the past 2months, my experience from day 1 has been completely professional. From the staff thru to housekeeping is a God sent. During one of my EMDR sessions I realized I would drink(doc) to forget all my troubles and drown my pain. But after the outing I had with my family for Thanksgiving, I did not drink I returned sober. I realized I was drinking to forget, when all along the key is to be sober to remember the good times. I feel COMPLETELY FREE. Thank you Recovery Village Staff.
Nicole O.
My experience at RVPB was overall positive, life-changing actually. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any institution that operates perfectly, but my complaints about this place are relatively minor. Yes, the med line can be a tad chaotic at times. Yes, the food isn’t quite a 5-star dining experience. Yet, the benefits far outweigh the negatives here. The clinical staff in particular are absolutely amazing. Each and every single therapist and group facilitator helped me tremendously. If you get the opportunity to have an EMDR session with Jo Jo, you will not regret it. Through therapy, and Divine Intervention, I feel free from a lot of my past trauma that held me down for most of my life. I am leaving RVPB feeling like a brand new person—for the first time in my life, I feel like a normal functioning human, and honestly you can’t put a price on that. Thank you to all the wonderful supportive staff at RVPB, and may God bless you all.