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Rehab at The Recovery Village at Baptist Health

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We are in-network with with most major insurance providers including BCBS (Florida Blue), Cigna, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare/Optum, and Humana.

Depending on your insurance provider, policy, copay, and deductible, the cost of treatment could be significantly reduced – possibly free. Use our confidential tool to see if we are in-network with your provider.

Why Recover With Us?

Addiction is a treatable disease, not a moral failing. At our Palm Beach & Miami centers, we take a patient-first approach and have an expert team in place to equip you or your loved one with the necessary tools, medical support and therapeutic guidance to reclaim your life.


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Specialized treatment options

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Our dedicated Recovery Advocates can answer your questions and offer the help you need.

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment in South Florida

Our evidence-based programs support you in building a new, substance-free life by helping you mentally, physically and emotionally through your entire treatment plan.

Medical Detox

We prioritize your safety and comfort during withdrawal. Our 24/7 medical team promptly treats withdrawal symptoms for a smooth detox. 

Inpatient Rehab

Living onsite at our Palm Beach facility provides intensive addiction treatment where you can fully concentrate on your recovery journey and gain essential tools to maintain sobriety.

Outpatient Rehab

Patients in outpatient rehab can continue working, attending school, or managing their homes while attending scheduled appointments at our Miami office.

Dual Diagnosis

Combining treatment for substance use and mental health symptoms reduces your risk of relapse and improves overall outcomes.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Specialized medications during treatment can provide relief from withdrawal symptoms, curb cravings, and discourage substance use.

Teletherapy for Addiction & Mental Health

Our Nobu mental wellness app offers alumni the convenience of online teletherapy and supportive tools, so they can continue their life-changing treatment at home. 

Our Programs & Services

Treatment Programs

  • Medical Detox
  • Inpatient/Residential Rehab
  • PHP/Partial Hospitalization Program
  • IOP/Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Dual Diagnosis for Co-Occurring Disorders
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Teletherapy for Addiction & Mental Health
  • Aftercare
  • Family Therapy

Specialized Services

  • Addiction Focused Healthcare
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Case Management
  • Chef-led Nutrition Program

Therapies & Peer Support

  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • 12-Step Groups
  • SMART Recovery
  • Weekly Recovery Compass
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

Amenities & Activities

  • Swimming pool
  • 2 Fully equipped gyms
  • 2 basketball courts
  • Outdoor volleyball court
  • Yoga
  • Badminton
  • Meditation garden
  • Entertainment lounge
  • Therapeutic animal visits
  • Offsite field trips


  • Relapse prevention plan
  • Online teletherapy through Nobu
  • Medical & therapeutic referrals
  • Sober living recommendations
  • Local support group recommendations
  • Alumni network

What Our Patients Say

You’re not alone in your struggle with drugs or alcohol. Read our reviews to learn why The Recovery Village at Baptist Health could be the best fit for your recovery needs.

Good day, I'm a patient for the past 2months, my experience from day 1 has been completely professional. From the staff thru to housekeeping is a God sent. During one of my EMDR sessions I realized I would drink(doc) to forget all my troubles and drown my pain. But after the outing I had with my family for Thanksgiving, I did not drink I returned sober. I realized I was drinking to forget, when all along the key is to be sober to remember the good times. I feel COMPLETELY FREE. Thank you Recovery Village Staff.
Nicole O.
My experience at RVPB was overall positive, life-changing actually. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any institution that operates perfectly, but my complaints about this place are relatively minor. Yes, the med line can be a tad chaotic at times. Yes, the food isn’t quite a 5-star dining experience. Yet, the benefits far outweigh the negatives here. The clinical staff in particular are absolutely amazing. Each and every single therapist and group facilitator helped me tremendously. If you get the opportunity to have an EMDR session with Jo Jo, you will not regret it. Through therapy, and Divine Intervention, I feel free from a lot of my past trauma that held me down for most of my life. I am leaving RVPB feeling like a brand new person—for the first time in my life, I feel like a normal functioning human, and honestly you can’t put a price on that. Thank you to all the wonderful supportive staff at RVPB, and may God bless you all.
Miah P.
TBT is the 3rd treatment that I have been to and by far the best. It will be my last. This place saved my life. The therapists and group facilitators are amazing. They get to the real reasons why individuals become addicts. They treat not only substance abuse but also the mental conditions being suffered by the individual. I would recommend TBT to anyone looking for help.
Abbie K.
I’ve had deep seated and rooted trauma all my life. It seemed like I’d never be able to overcome the anxiety, depression, ADHD, panic disorder that consumed my existence. In a few short EMDR sessions with my therapist, I found freedom from the pain due to the emotional attachment of past memories. I’m so blessed and grateful to my therapists and staff members who have dedicated their lives to help me through my recovery process.
steve W.
Recovery village is a top-notch drug and alcohol treatment facility. This facility is clean , well-run, and the staff gives 1,000% of themselves on a regular basis. Unfortunately this isn't my first rehab but I'll tell you, it's been by far the best. The food is very good the facility itself is super clean and the therapeutic staff is second to none. My primary counselor is the best I've ever had BY FAR. her name is Freddy she's well versed and a master at her craft. The EMDR specialist JoAnn Kutsukos is skilled beyond compare.. EMDR has changed not only my Outlook but my entire life. I wish I could have done this years ago.. if you're looking for a first rate Center for recovery look no further. I wish I had time to call out every staff member's name because everyone of them has touched me in one way or another in a positive light. If you're ready to restart your life and build a happy sober productive existence this is your stop
Steve S.
I've never been to treatment but this place has exceeded my expectations. I spent 45 days here and I recommend this facility for anyone seeking treatment for addiction. The BHT's are understanding, caring and compassionate. Margaret, Natasha and the rest of the Nursing Staff get the job done on a daily basis trending to all medical situations and medications. Chef's Adad and Joe and the rest of the team prepared plentiful and tasty meals everyday. Claudine, Jennifer, Augustine, Charles and the rest of the Group Facilitators do an excellent job with Group and Individual Therapy. Jonathon, Tina and the rest of the Facility Leaders handled whatever issues needed addressed that were outside the realm of whomever didn't resolve. Jimmy the Head BHT and Activity Coordinator goes above and beyond providing fun stuff for everyone and chaperoning shopping trips, church, service work and weekly AA Meetings. The Housekeeping Staff keep the Common Areas clean and tidy. Lastly but not leastly, the House Rockstar, Sonya, is instrumental as Case Manager. She makes sure your exit plan is solid and when discharge day comes, you're ready. This is a work and reward facility. The more work and progress you make in treatment, the more rewards and benefits you get. Recovery Village provided me with the knowledge, skills and tools to treat my addiction on a daily basis, one day at a time. Thank you, for I can say for the first time in my life, I'm sober and it's invaluable. I hope to see some of you again when I return to perform Service Work. God bless everyone there and please continue doing the OUTSTANDING job each and everyone does.

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