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BeHealthy Florida (Truli Health) Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coverage

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Updated 09/22/2023

Insurers like BeHealthy Florida usually cover the costs of drug and alcohol rehab to some extent. The Recovery Village at Baptist Health is in-network with most major insurance providers.

BeHealthy Florida is an independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association licensee. Truli For Health operates under the name BeHealthy Florida. If you are searching for addiction treatment, there should be as few barriers to receiving care as possible. With that in mind, be aware that most insurers offer coverage for this life-saving treatment. The Recovery Village at Baptist Health is in-network with most major insurers in Florida, including BeHealthy Florida, also known as Truli for Health.

BeHealthy Florida Provider Overview

BeHealthy Florida, also known as Truli for Health, is a Florida Blue affiliate. This makes this insurance an independently licensed national Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association organization. Introduced as a new health maintenance organization (HMO) in 2020, it provides small and medium-sized employers with affordable insurance solutions for employees. Local businesses, through the Truli program, get an expansion of healthcare choices because of partnerships with community healthcare providers. Baptist South Florida is one of the anchor providers of the Truli network.

With around five million members, the Florida Blue Cross and Blue Shield company Florida Blue has been delivering health insurance to state residents for over 75 years. 

BeHealthy Florida Coverage Levels and Plans

BeHealthy Florida plans are the same as the health maintenance organization plans from Florida Blue. These HMO plans offer services and care through a local network of providers, including primary care doctors, hospitals, facilities and more. You typically have a lower deductible with these plans than other types. The Florida Blue HMO plans include over 7,000 primary care providers (PCPs) and 9,000 pharmacies. With a PPO plan, your primary care provider is your main contact point, and they can provide you with referrals for in-network specialists as needed.

If someone has a PPO plan from Florida Blue, they have more extensive options to see providers. You don’t have to designate a primary care provider; you can visit specialists without referrals, but your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses may be higher.

Does BeHealthy Florida Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Rehab?

Due to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, a federal parity law passed in 2008, insurance coverage for addiction and substance use disorders can’t be more restrictive than coverage for other medical conditions. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires something similar in that treatment for substance use disorders must be an essential health benefit. As a result, most insurers provide rehab coverage, but there may be limitations on what they pay based on your plan and other differences.

Does BeHealthy Florida Cover Mental Health Services?

The federal parity law and the ACA apply not only to substance abuse treatment but also to mental health services such as counseling and behavioral health therapies. While you may have out-of-pocket responsibilities, treatment for psychiatric conditions is often covered, at least to an extent, by insurance.

Does BeHealthy Florida Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be integral to addiction treatment programs for some people, particularly if they struggle with alcohol or opioid use. MAT integrates medicines that have approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into a larger treatment plan that includes behavioral therapies. BeHealthy Florida may cover MAT, depending on the person’s plan and medical needs. Examples of medicines BeHealthy Florida may cover are buprenorphine and Vivitrol, sublocade and naltrexone.

What Length of Treatment Does BeHealthy Florida Cover?

People typically receive treatment for varying lengths of time depending on the severity of their addiction and whether they have co-occurring disorders. The average total stay at The Recovery Village at Baptist Health is 30–45 days. BeHealthy Florida may cover some or all of this time based on your insurance plan and treatment needs.

Rehab Facility That Accepts BeHealthy Florida Insurance

The Recovery Village at Baptist Health is a leading, expert-led, evidence-based addiction treatment center. We work with BeHealthy Florida Insurance and Florida Blue. Please contact our Recovery Advocates today to learn more or verify your insurance coverage. You can also complete our insurance verification tool or speak with the insurer directly to learn about your coverage for addiction treatment.

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