Beyond Addiction:
The Success Stories of Our Recovery Ambassadors

We asked our alumni to share their recovery stories and empower others to seek treatment for addiction and mental health.

We have helped over 45k people get their lives back from addiction. You can too.

Admitting you have an alcohol addiction can be difficult.
How did our alumni know they needed help?

Realizing the need for help is the first step to overcoming addiction.
Our recovery ambassadors decided to embark on their own healing journeys. It’s time to start yours.

Chase Cushing

Chase Cushing

In December of 2022, I got a referral from a good friend. I’m free once again.


Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott

I relapsed after working my 12 steps. The Recovery Village at Baptist Health had high reviews.


Tamitra Quiles

Tamitra Quiles

I knew I needed to seek treatment when I could no longer “control,” hide, maintain and survive my addiction. I was alienating family and friends, on the verge of losing my job, everything.


Where You Start Your Recovery Matters.

Learn why The Recovery Village at Baptist Health stands out as the best drug & alcohol rehab in South Florida.

Ryan Scott

The Recovery Village at Baptist Health

My self-image is much better. I no longer look at myself as just an addict who will never be anything else. Now I understand that I am a complex person who happens to have addictive tendencies.

Recovery Can Feel Impossible. Here is what our Recovery Ambassadors Want to Tell You.

In the face of challenges, our alumni share their stories, offering hope and inspiration to those struggling on their own recovery journey.

Ryan Scott

Recovery Ambassador
TRV at baptist health

It sucks at first but gets so much better if you give it your all. My therapist’s explanations and ability to convey ideas still sticks with me.

Alanis Cintron

Recovery Ambassador
TRV at Baptist health

There is a life beyond a life of drugs. Being able to have a medical environment to experience withdrawals safely was the most helpful part.

Alexander Fuentes

Recovery Ambassador
ORC (FL sister location)

There is absolutely no shame in wanting to be a better you! It took me some time to realize that, but once I did, I asked for help.

What Will Matter In Your Recovery

Our alumni realize that getting help from professionals and forming connections with their peers in recovery made a positive difference in their ability to prevent relapse effectively.

Peer Support

Alexander Fuentes, Orlando Recovery Center Alumni, Florida sister location

I would say the camaraderie with my fellow addicts/alcoholics is what helped me the most! I’ve made some lifelong friends and new family members. I’ve built so many amazing relationships with my peers that they helped keep me going. ORC really pushes you into building a community with other people in recovery, and I have to say that was essential to my time at ORC.

Medical Detox

Alanis Cintron, The Recovery Village at Baptist Health Alumni

Being able to have a medical environment to be able to experience withdrawals safely was the most helpful part.

Professional Care

Carl Verna, The Recovery Village Umatilla Alumni, Florida sister location

The psychiatric care I received was invaluable. I began to understand the physiological aspect of the disease of alcoholism which took away the shame and stigma often associated with this condition. This then prepared me mentally to be open to the rest of the treatment I received.

Group Therapy

Ryan Scott, The Recovery Village at Baptist Health Alumni

The group therapy sessions! The therapists were able to explain the psychological, physiological and society influences and how they interacted in my life.

Addiction Treatment can be life changing.

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