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Ovie Fleites

Recovery Ambassador


Ovie Fleites graduated from addiction treatment at The Recovery Village at Baptist Health. In a recent interview, he shared his recovery story, hoping to inspire others to seek the help they need:

When did you realize you wanted to get treatment?
“The day I woke up in the hospital after almost dying from alcohol poisoning. I had passed out on the carport floor and my daughter found me unresponsive. I knew the next time I might not wake up.”

Why did you (or your loved one) choose our treatment center?
“I specifically chose this location because it was three hours from my hometown. Being that far away with no connections I knew, I couldn’t just walk out. I knew if I was closer to home I might not complete the program.”

What part of your treatment was the most helpful?
“Definitely group therapy. It wasn’t just the opportunity to share. It was the realization that my story wasn’t unique. I found myself in a group of peers that understood my feelings and struggles. I didn’t have to explain why I couldn’t just stop. They knew the part of me I hid from everyone else, including my family.”

Who made the biggest difference in your recovery journey?
“The recreation guy, Jimmy. I had just completed my first week and I couldn’t have been in lower spirits. I was near to walking out, then Jimmy shared his story. It was so close to my own that it struck a chord and I finally had my moment of catharsis. I had my phone call with my wife that night and I spent half of it sobbing. That barrier that I put up to fend off the world finally came crashing down.”

How has your life changed after getting treatment at our center?
“I can say with full conviction that without The Recovery Village I would not be sober today! I found community, I found peers, I found understanding with no judgment… which allowed me to finally find worth in myself.”

How would you encourage someone else who needs treatment?
“I would tell anyone who needs treatment that it is never too late. You have nothing to lose by seeking treatment, and everything to lose by continuing to use. No matter what anyone has said to you or what you have told yourself, you are worthy and deserve to be happy.”