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Ways To Celebrate & Stay Sober This Halloween

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Updated 11/11/2020

You don’t need alcohol to enjoy the spooky season. You can enjoy some of 2020’s best safe and sober Halloween options in South Florida.

Halloween is a time of festivities, but sometimes it’s associated with drinking or substance use. There’s a party reputation surrounding Halloween, so how can you enjoy it while also staying sober? If you’re in recovery, you can plan spooky fun ahead of time, so you aren’t caught off guard or put in a situation you aren’t comfortable with.

This Halloween will also look a little different in the pandemic. Remember to wear a mask when necessary and keep up with social distancing guidelines, even as you celebrate. The CDC’s Halloween guidelines can help you stay safe and healthy during a sober Halloween.

Be Scared, But Stay Sober

Halloween doesn’t have to be centered around drinking and partying. The spirit of the season is about scaring yourself a bit, so why not have a horror movie marathon or go to a haunted house? Get an adrenaline rush with friends that doesn’t involve alcohol. There are plenty of great options in South Florida this year, despite COVID regulations. We put together a few of our favorites.


Horrorland is a popular Miami attraction that will be drive-thru this year. The event is truly scary and is only for ages 13 and up. It’s produced by Live 305 Entertainment and includes themed rooms like the Dark Barn, The Carnival and Hospital of Horrors.

A Nightmare at the Curtiss Mansion

A Nightmare at the Curtiss Mansion is in Miami Springs. You’ll experience “Sleep Paralysis” as you walk through demons, clowns, witches and cannibals. The event is enforcing strict COVID-19 guidelines; face masks are required at all times.

Paranoia Horror Maze

Paranoia Horror Maze is in the Wynwood Arts District; visitors rank it as “pretty scary.” It’s described as a black-out horror maze, and the experience lasts for around eight minutes. According to the creators, thousands haven’t made it through since the attraction was started.

Head Up the Road To Orlando

Orlando is always one of the best destinations for seasonal entertainment centered around Halloween. While things might look a little different for Halloween 2020, there are still options at the theme parks and pop-up locations.

Hold Your Own Sober Halloween Party

You can still “party” while you’re in recovery, just make it on your own terms. For example, why not host a sober and safe socially-distanced Halloween party of your own? You can wear costumes, have themed mocktails, carve pumpkins and enjoy sober socializing outside. Depending on your situation, you could make it an adults-only party or maybe a family party for everyone.

Feel Like a Kid Again

As children, we often found something magical, if not a bit creepy, in the experience of Halloween. In a child’s eyes, the night feels like being transported into a world of their imagination. Carve pumpkins, host a spooky scavenger hunt or visit houses of people you trust for a safe and sober night of trick-or-treating. Whether it’s your own children, nieces and nephews or perhaps your friends’ kids, see Halloween from a different perspective this year.

Reach Out For Support

Halloween isn’t the only holiday that can be tough when you’re in recovery. The best thing you can do for yourself is to rely on your support system right now. Whoever your support people may be, talk to them openly and honestly about sober activities that can keep you on track and an exit strategy if needed.

If you feel your relationship with alcohol or drugs stops you from living a full life, The Recovery Village at Baptist Health is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about addiction recovery and begin your journey to a life free from substances.

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