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How to Find Addiction Treatment Without Health Insurance

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You can access addiction rehab without insurance by using a provider that offers a sliding fee scale or the option for self-pay; you can also apply for scholarships.

Addiction treatment can be costly, but rehab without insurance is possible. There are services available to assist those who do not have insurance, as well as ways to seek affordable coverage. Providers are generally willing to work those who are seeking services to make rehab services financially accessible.

Affordable Addiction Treatment Options

Affordable addiction treatment can occur in a variety of forms for those without insurance. Not only are there programs available to assist those who cannot cover the cost of treatment on their own; there are also lower-cost rehab options.

Any of the following may be beneficial for someone seeking rehab without insurance:

Sliding Scale Rehab Programs

Drug and alcohol rehab without insurance is possible if you seek out an agency that offers a sliding fee scale. In these programs, a person seeking services pays a certain amount based upon his or her income.  Sliding fee scales are often made possible by a local mental health board that contracts with an agency to provide funds for people with financial need. For example, the person may pay a certain amount out-of-pocket, and then the local mental health board that contracts with the agency pays the rest. In some cases, the mental health board may cover the treatment in its entirety for those who demonstrate a financial need. Some private providers may also offer a sliding fee scale or reduced fees for those who demonstrate financial need. There is no harm in asking a particular agency if they are willing to give a break on fees.

Self-pay Rehab

While it may be costly to pay out-of-pocket, self-pay rehab is available through some providers. Some agencies may even be willing to reduce fees for those who pay out-of-pocket, as it saves them from having to bill insurance and wait for payment. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides a treatment search tool that allows users to locate treatment providers in their area. The results list indicates whether each particular provider accepts self-pay.

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Special Rehab Financing

Rehab financing may be available to cover the costs of treatment for those seeking drug rehab with no insurance. For example, My Treatment Lender links users to banks willing to provide loans to cover the cost of treatment. Various loan programs are available for people with differing needs and credit histories.

Rehab Grants & Scholarships

Some treatment centers may offer scholarships to those who demonstrate a financial need; you may also be able to find grants for receiving treatment. A program called 10,000 Beds provides rehab scholarships and accepts applications online every Monday. Applications are accepted until there are over 50 applications in queue for review.

Free Program Referrals

If you are without insurance, you may also benefit from using free referral programs for rehabs. Addiction No More offers a free online referral service. This provider has chemical dependency counselors available to take your phone call every day of the week, 24 hours a day. They also provide a free online assessment service in which people living with addiction can complete a form and be referred to an appropriate treatment center.

Reducing Overall Out-of-Pocket Rehab Costs

Beyond using resources such as financing, free referrals, and scholarships, the price of rehab can be lowered by reducing certain costs. Every service that is provided in rehab involves a cost, but you can avoid some of them. For example, if you take prescribed medications, you can bring these with you to your facility so that you do not incur additional costs associated with these prescriptions.

You can also reduce the cost of your rehab stay by selecting cheaper programs. For instance, some rehab facilities may be located in big cities with a higher cost of living and offer luxurious amenities. These programs are likely to be more costly, but one can find cheaper programs that offer more basic accommodations.

Rehab Insurance Options for the Uninsured

If you are currently uninsured, you can take steps to find rehab insurance, even if you don’t have coverage available through an employer. For example, Medicaid provides health insurance coverage to low-income Americans. These services are administered at the state level, so the application for Medicaid occurs through a person’s state of residence.

If you do not qualify for Medicaid, you may be able to purchase an affordable healthcare plan through the marketplace, under the Affordable Care Act. You can determine your eligibility for coverage and evaluate different plans online.

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Help Finding Drug Addiction Treatment Without Insurance

Navigating the financial aspects of addiction treatment can be challenging, even with the resources available to you.

If you still require assistance seeking drug addiction treatment without insurance, The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health is willing to work with you to help you access treatment. We can help you set up a self-payment plan or refer you to a rehab that can meet your needs. Reach out today; we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your phone call and help you start on the journey toward recovery.

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